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14 seo-essentials

Sometimes, I write articles that are 10k words. I’ve even written super long guides that are over 20k words!If you have detailed long-form content, that’s awesome. But you need to doctor it up with SEO in mind if you want the content to be effective. Trust me, I know this can be difficult. You’re already putting a lot of effort into the content, and it’s hard to remember all of the SEO involved. As I’ve learned from years of blogging, long-form content is one of the best methods of making your site stand out from everyone else’s.
3 Tips to Improve the Search Ranking

3 Tips to Improve the Search Ranking

Keyword research has quietly changed over the past few years. First, search engines like Google have become much more sophisticated when it comes to understanding what “high-quality content” is. It’s not only about how well your article is optimized: it’s also how in-depth, useful, and comprehensive it is.