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Are you a web designer looking for some blog post ideas for your agency website?

If so then you’re going to find this partic10ular blog post very helpful.

Coming up with good blogging ideas can be difficult especially when you don’t have a lot of time to spare. You might have a broad idea of what your visitors and potential clients would like to read but there’s a lingering uncertainty over just how to keep their interest.

Just what should a website design agency blog about?

The following 31 blog post ideas, with examples, are catered specifically to your industry with your target audience in mind.

1. Website design advice

I’m starting with the most obvious idea. However, it’s actually one that’s sorely lacking on many web design blogs. Advise people on the different styles, graphics, structures and functions a website can have. People want to be inspired and guided through the possibilities that exist. They also want to know you really do understand the many complexities of designing a website.

Reynolds Digital, for example, writes about the impact of colour on web design.

2. Client projects you’re working on

When you can, update your readers about what you’re working on for a client at any given moment. Talk about the requirements and how you’ve put together attractive and functional solutions. Talk honestly about any difficulties.

Potential clients will get to see how you work and get to like your skills and ethos.

3. Internal projects you’re working on

Have you been working on a new in-house development recently? Reveal some of the details to your readers and explain how the new system or technology will improve your web design agency and how it’ll benefit clients.

Readers will see you as innovative and will be excited by what you can do for them as well.

4. Marketing and SEO tips

Website owners not only want their sites to look great but they want them to be successful too. You can attract new clients by covering some other subjects they’ll have a natural interest in. These can include marketing, social media, SEO and copywriting.

Blog posts like this will attract readers who will turn into future clients of yours when they realise they need a professional website designed.

5. Company news and developments

The majority of business blogs consist of company news. That’s boring to most readers. However, when used sparingly together with other great posts, they can offer a rich insight into the nature of your web design agency.

Make sure the news is something worthwhile such as a move to new premises or a rebranding, as was the case with The Web Kitchen.

6. Awards you have won

No one likes a show off but when you’re winning awards as a business it’s good to tell the world. Again, like with company news, if you’re really doing well then make sure you have plenty of other blog post types so you won’t appear overly narcissistic.

BrightByte Studio provides a nice example of an award post.

7. Awards your clients have won

Has a client of yours recently won a major award? If so, be generous with your congratulations, especially if the accolade was as a result of your design skills. Write a post about the award and its significance.

A good albeit brief example comes from Avatar New York.

Even if not related to your services, the award post will show you work with successful clients.

8. Previous social media design projects

Do you offer social media design services too? Write a few posts covering how you developed the Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profiles and pages for different types of businesses. Share some screenshots and highlight cross platform engagement strategies you incorporated.

Codastar did this very well in regards to their client’s social media profiles.

9. How you work

Build a series of posts around your creative thought and design processes you utilise with every project. Describe what you do when researching an industry and how you interact with clients. What tools or applications do you use the most? Potential clients will be intrigued and a lot more trusting as a result.

Freelance web designer Ryan Gittings has a fantastic example of such a post.

10. How you designed your own website

As professional website designers it’s likely your website is going to be an example of design excellence. What better way to advertise your skills than by writing about the development and design of your home on the web. Go into detail and impress people with your knowledge and talents.

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